Why Praxis?

PRAXIS coaches are professionally certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Praxis coaches bring decades of practical industry experience, training and education to each session, that cannot be found elsewhere.


What will I gain?

“What was the most important thing I got from Praxis coaching besides successfully dealing with my issue? Easy, my problem-solving ability went off the charts. I mean that. Because of that I took on a gig I would never have tried for…”  – Kim G., Independent Consultant

Increased Effectiveness and SatisfactionProfessional coaching maximizes potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of understanding, productivity and accomplishment. Life changes for the better. Bottom line, your happiness quotient increases.  Yep, happiness. After all, if you aren’t in it (whatever “it” may be) to be happier, what are you in it for?

Return on InvestmentThe vast majority of clients (86%) say they that Praxis coaching provided a tangible return on their investment.


Who comes to Praxis for coaching?

“Praxis helped me see that I needed to change my major if I wanted to make money in today’s online world and helped me find the field I now love and I have a good income.”  – Christi Y., Junior at Univ. Washington (at the time)

Basically, anyone, but generally our clients fall into two categories: Leaders and Learners.

Leaders: Executives, Managers/Supervisors, Administrators, Team Leaders, Trainers and Specialists.

Learners: Students seeking future vocational pathways, Professionals seeking to change vocations or positions, or solve unresolved conflicts and issues.


Why would I need Praxis coaching?

“I had a proposal due in a month and could not even get started…no idea why. I’d wasted a whole week. In just two sessions, the Praxis coach and I uncovered why I was stuck and then got me unstuck. Got it done in time and the proposal was accepted…”  – Eileen A. Sr. Sales Rep.

Three reasons:

First, if you are struggling with unresolved personal or professional challenges, barriers, or problems.

Second, if you want to move your career forward but don’t know how.

Third, if you are stuck…just stuck in life and need a push.

How does it work?

“I was amazed at how fast we drilled down to the root problem (my team simply didn’t work well together) and found how to solve it. The team is humming now…”  – Carlos S., Technical Team Lead.


Praxis coaching resources are limited. This is because leaders and learners are coached only by Praxis senior executives.

Just as with you, our time is at a premium.  When you schedule an appointment for an initial 45-minute assessment (at no cost), we’ll help you clearly define your challenges and goals. If we can help, we’ll explain how and decide on a course going forward. If it appears that we are not a good fit for each other – no harm no foul – you have a better idea of what you are faced with and need to do.


What can I expect in a coaching session?

“To put it simply, Praxis coaching is easy and enjoyable but it’s also work and has lots of “ah-ha” moments…I didn’t realize that I had the answers but stress, life, and moving at light speed was keeping me from seeing them.”  – Shauna R., Client Relations Manager


Praxis uses the “Personal Empowerment Model”, based on the understanding that most of the answers already lie deep within the client.  PEM coaching is not mentoring, consulting, or training.  Those services are available through our consulting/training and education services portal.  PEM coaching is designed to isolate specific challenges, the barriers to overcoming those challenges and breakthrough strategies that help move clients from functional to optimal.


What does it cost?

“Praxis coaching is so affordable; it is a ridiculous bargain. Just go online and compare. Whenever I hit roadblocks that I want to get past successfully I give my Praxis coach a call.”  –  Kent D., Sr. Director


A coaching session is 50 minutes once a week. The minimum number of sessions is four.

Sessions are $150 per hour (compare this to typical costs of between $350-750/hr.).

Payment is on a monthly basis.

How do I get started

CLICK HERE to learn more about our unique, leading approach and, our philosophy on virtual delivery that makes our Consulting packages more affordable.