What does Praxis Consulting Provide?

PRAXIS’ innovative Transformational Project Leadership (TPL) focuses on transforming project management results from the inside – out. Through decades of successful knowledge and experience combined with the latest in PM tools, methods, soft skills, and insider knowledge, PRAXIS delivers unmatched results affordably and efficiently.

Our best-in-the-US Consulting team helps you transform project manager performance and positively impact your entire organization. When your project is complete, your people are ready to take on new projects as fully empowered, highly effective and efficient experts - eliminating the need for continued outside consultants. Praxis Consulting emancipates your organization from dependence on outside firms by building expertise within your organization- increasing profitability, capability and performance.

And the impact doesn’t end with the project.

The holistic TPL approach positively affects the entire organization. Employees, suppliers and customers receive the positive ripple effect of your PRAXIS Consulting investment; new processes, tools, techniques, business practices or perhaps even a complete reorganization of people takes shape.

Why Praxis?

Our strength is in understanding the critical link between project and change management: both components are essential to success and must be inextricably linked and managed together to ensure a successful outcome. This new business model maximizes productivity and client rapport to help increase your profit and market position.

Based on over a decade of research and utilizing the groundbreaking and exhaustive industry study – PMI’s Pulse of the Profession, TPL combines the experience of hundreds of top PM professionals for a pathway to the New Wave (“Next Generation” is the PMI term) of Professional Project Managers.

Our model is unique in that the goal is to decrease your dependence on external expertise by re-tooling your team.

What will my organization gain?

  • Reduce outside costs and dependence on external experts
  • Shorten project lifecycles and get results faster
  • Increase team performance power, strength, confidence and effectiveness
  • Marry implementation and organizational change

How do I get started

CLICK HERE to learn more about our unique, leading approach and, our philosophy on virtual delivery that makes our Consulting packages more affordable.