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Praxis Consulting is both a project management and organizational transformation service provider. As a service provider, our professionals service management model  Transformational Project Leadership (TPL) – utilizes cutting edge soft skills applications and new communications strategies through our breakthrough desktop model – an approach that maximizes virtual technologies – all designed to keep your project costs down while bringing in your projects on time. Our project management and organizational change consultants are dedicated professionals with decades of industry experience – specialists at the top of their respective fields who bring you effective and innovative solutions to help you overcome your most difficult business challenges.


PRAXIS consultants bring you their singular and extensive practical industry know-how along with a depth of experience in Project Management Institute (PMI), research, and academic training, which offers you the most skilled and nimble program/project managers available today. As a movement, PRAXIS seeks to reshape our society so that Integrity and honesty prevail in business, government, education, and personal relationships. That is why the concepts of Integrity and Accountability are emphasized in PRAXIS educational, training and coaching services, and why we offer our Integrity Centered Decision-Making (ICDM) model – a tool that anyone in a position of authority can use to insure that issues of Integrity are first and foremost in mind. . PRAXIS services include the highest-level of project management consulting, education, training, coaching. Our short term goals include streamlining your project costs, helping you deliver your projects and facilitating smoother and more effective change management by combining project management with organizational transformation/change management in a new and revolutionary way.


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Alan Waite

Founder and CEO of Praxis

Alan Waite, M.A., CEC is CEO of the Praxis Corporation. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Project Management at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s School of Continuing Education corporate program.

Over a span of 30 years, Alan has served as a business executive, HR/Payroll manager, public service legislative/business analyst, life and corporate coach, educator, author, and courtroom trial consultant.
He was Board Chairman and Senior Vice-President for NVS Technologies, Inc., an environmental corporation that marketed waste-to-energy and bio-remedial technologies. NVS Technologies worked with Texaco, Sandia National Laboratories, NAFTA, and the State of California to clean toxic waste sites across California and Northern Mexico. He was also the Executive Vice President of Pallas Productions, Inc., a California-based music Production Company. In addition, Alan has served on the board of directors for several public interest advocacy groups, including Trans-Atlantic Environmental, Inc., and the Timao Educational Foundation, both 501(c) 3 organizations. Alan was co-creator of the groundbreaking Transformational Project Management (TPL) methodology and developed the Integrity-Centered Decision-Making (ICDM) model for executive leadership problem-solving.

Holding a B.A. in History and a BA. in Political Science, he has an M.A. in Modern European History and a certification from the International Coaching Federation. Author and researcher of historical topics ranging from western American history to the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. He has authored two books: Dance of the Project Leader, and Hats: How Felt Can Save America – available on and Barnes and Look for his next book, To a Moral Certainty, a new examination of the assassination of President Kennedy, in early 2020.

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CJ Walker Waite

Executive Vice President

Dr. Walker Waite, is the Transformational Project Leader ©. and has over a quarter century of project management, leadership and organizational transformation experience, spanning nearly a dozen nations and 11 different industries across North America and Europe.

She is a leader in the field of global change initiatives, and managing major international projects. As a Professor of the Practice, Dr. Walker Waite brings her “Transformational Project Leader” holistic approach integrating strategy, project delivery and organizational transformation to achieve sustainable results while promoting organizational agility and increasing business performance. “As for the future, your task is not to foresee it but to enable it.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exup©ry.

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Yudha Pratama

Managing Director of Information Services

Yudha Pratama PMP, CSM is a marketing major who holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He took an International Business Certificate in 2000 and spent the next 17 years working for XO Communications where he was one of the first technicians to obtain a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification. Show More

Yudha has managed the corporation’s elite technical support Strategic National Account (SNA) team.

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Frank Saladis

Senior Executive Consultant

Frank P. Saladis, PMP®, is a Consultant and Instructor / Facilitator within the project management profession and a Senior Consultant and Trainer for the International Institute for Learning. He is a Project Management Professional and has been a featured presenter at the Project Management Institute’s Annual Symposia and World Congresses and many other project management events.

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Steve DelGrosso

Senior Executive Consultant

Steve DelGrosso is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and was 2015 Chair of the Project Management Institute’s Board of Directors. He has been the Director of IBM’s Project Management Center of Excellence and his career at IBM has spanned many areas of hardware and software product development, Manufacturing Engineering, Data Processing Services management.

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Dr. Al Zeitoun

Senior Executive Consultant

Dr. Zeitoun has more than 30 years of global experiences in strategy execution, portfolio, program, and project management. In his previous positon, as President of PM Solutions, his responsibility energized the global strategic direction and performance of this strategy execution consulting and capability development firm.

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